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Is Benecol a margarine or spread?


Although many of us still use margarine as a generic term to mean any type of spread, the main difference between margarine and spreads is their fat content. To be called margarine, you must have a fat content of at least 80% fat (similar to butter at 82%).  This is why Benecol is called a spread – it contains less fat than margarine.

Benecol has a range of great tasting spreads available to suit your individual needs, tastes and cooking requirements. With a choice of Light, Buttery taste and Olive, our spreads are the perfect cholesterol friendly substitute for butter or margarine.

Benecol higher fat spreads like Benecol Buttery taste (59%) and Benecol Olive spread (55%) are suitable for cooking, baking and spreading, whereas Benecol Light spread, which is only 35% fat, is only suitable for spreading on bread and melting into your favourite vegetables.