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How Benecol Works

The simple science of plant stanols

What are plant stanols?

We talk a lot about plant stanols at Benecol. Because it’s these little wonders that reduce cholesterol and help to keep a healthier diet on track.

They can be found in some edible plants, but only in tiny amounts. When there are plenty of them though – as we make sure there are in Benecol foods – they work together to reduce ’LDL-cholesterol’ (more on LDL cholesterol below).

The unique plant stanols of Benecol partially block cholesterol from getting into your bloodstream. Whether it’s cholesterol produced by your body naturally, or the cholesterol found in your food, plant stanols can help prevent it from getting through the intestine wall.

Woman's hand giving older woman's hand a pack of benecol yoghurt drinks

Why you can trust Benecol

It’s all about those stanols again!

More than 80 independent clinical studies have shown that plant stanol ester – the active ingredient in Benecol – can reduce cholesterol. Plant-stanol ester reduces the absorption of both cholesterol and plant sterols.

And there are 30 gold standard clinical trials supporting the safety and effectiveness of plant stanols.

You can lower your cholesterol in as little as 2-3 weeks

It’s easier than it sounds! Simply eating Benecol foods each day as part of your healthy diet can lower your cholesterol by 7–10% within three weeks, thanks to the plant stanols in these foods.*

*When 1.5–2.4g of plant stanols are consumed daily as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle


Discover the range

You might already be doing some of the things that help reduce cholesterol, like exercise or healthy eating.

We can help your hard work go even further with a range of products that are simple to switch into your routine.

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