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Our actions on sustainability

Over 114 million Benecol yogurt drinks are sold worldwide every year*

This is why we need to do our bit to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging. From July 2021 we are reducing the size of plastic sleeves in our yogurt drink bottles. As with small steps towards healthier lifestyle, also this small change has a significant impact.

Your One a Day – good for your health and now better for the environment

*2020 Benecol yogurt drink sales (UK, Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Hong Kong)

1. Benecol yogurt drink bottles are now 100% recyclable. Recycling is a powerful tool for reducing material consumption. With the new sleeve, our yogurt drink bottles are now fully recyclable, so please do your bit and remember to recycle your Benecol bottles!

2. New sleeve, less plastic: 60% less plastic used in each sleeve. Annually this equals 5.6 tons of plastic, an amount corresponding to e.g. over 370 000 carrier bags!

3. Reduction in CO2 emissions: This material reduction will reduce our annual CO2 emissions by 50 tonnes

Good Food Plan

Benecol is part of the Raisio Group, where our purpose ‘Food for Health, Heart and Earthguides our operations. We are committed to offering responsibly produced, safe and healthy food made of high-quality ingredients. Our ambitious goals are part of our corporate responsibility program, the Good Food Plan. This program focuses on five key responsibility themes: environmentally friendly packaging, environment and climate action, sustainable food, healthy food and food professionals.

Healthy food

For us at Benecol, healthy food equals the best possible combination of taste and healthiness. We control and optimise the quality of fat and the amounts of fibre, sugar and salt in our products in order to reach an enjoyable taste experience. To support product development, we have defined a healthy criteria for all product categories which guides our development work.

All Benecol products are enriched with plant stanols. These little wonders reduce cholesterol and help to keep your diet on a healthy track. Check your products for the sign below for scientifically proven health benefits.

Sustainable food

  • Responsible supply chain, based on ethical practices, respect for human rights and environment

Raw materials

  • Responsibly produced raw materials.
  • Transparency and traceability of raw material purchasing as well as responsible production of raw materials
  • We are committed to using non-GMO raw materials.
  • Palm oil: We use only sustainable, RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified palm oil
  • Most raw materials acquired from Northern and Central Europe.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Benecol aims to minimize the environmental impact of our product packaging. All our yogurt drink, spreads and soft cheese packaging are already 100% recyclable. We actively look for solutions to improve the recyclability of our yogurt pots. Our target is for all our packaging to be recyclable by 2025. 

We work towards our long-term goal of completely ceasing the use of plastic while avoiding unnecessary and oversized packaging. As member of WRAP Plastics Pact Benecol is committed to the long-term target of eliminating problematic plastics and ensuring the packaging is easily recyclable.

Want to know more?

Please visit our corporate site for more on our responsibility targets and actions.

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