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How many calories are in Benecol products?


You can find the calorie content for all the Benecol products (per 100g and per serving) on packaging in store, as well as on the Benecol product pages. And for your convenience summarised below:

Benecol products Serving size Calories per serving
Yogurt drinks One bottle
Original – no added sugar (UK & IE)* 67.5g 32 kcal
Original  (IE) 70g 58 kcals
Pomegranate – no added sugar (UK & IE) 67.5g 36 kcal
Peach & apricot – no added sugar (UK & IE) 67.5g 33 kcal
Raspberry – no added sugar (UK & IE) 67.5g 33 kcal
Strawberry (UK & IE) 67.5g 37 kcal
Blueberry (UK & IE) 67.5g 36 kcal
Soya drinks  (Dairy free) One bottle
Berries  (UK & IE) 65.5g 29 kcal
Tropical fruits (UK & IE) 65.5g 30 kcal

31 kcals ( IE)

Yogurts One pot
Strawberry-cherry (UK & IE) 120g 85 kcal
Raspberry-peach (UK & IE) 120g 86 kcal
Blueberry-rhubarb (IE) 120g 83 kcals
Spreads 2 teaspoons
Light (For spreading) (UK & IE) 10g 33 kcal
Olive  (For cooking, baking and spreading) (UK & IE) 10g 50 kcal
Buttery taste (For cooking, baking and spreading)

(UK & IE)

10g 54 kcal
Fruit and nut bars / Fruit and oat/ Berry and oat bars (UK) One bar
Apricot & Almond  (UK) 40g 171 kcal
Hazelnut & Dark chocolate (UK) 40g 174 kcal
Blueberry & Cranberry (UK) 40g 164 kcal

*UK & IE Available in the United Kingdom/ Ireland