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When and how should I use Benecol products?


Benecol products should be consumed every day to get the best cholesterol lowering results and gain long term benefits. It’s important to eat Benecol products with a meal rather than on their own.

This is because eating a meal helps to set the whole digestive process in motion, ensuring that cholesterol is in the digestive system from the foods you eat and from bile, which is made in the liver and helps to digest the fats you eat. And it doesn’t matter whether you have the recommended daily dose of stanols (1.5-3.0g) in one go or spread them out over several meals to have the full “cholesterol blocking” effect.

So the most important take home message here is to make sure you have enough plant stanols in your daily diet and to eat them with a meal. Check the packaging to find out the amount of plant stanols in individual Benecol products or check Benecol product information from the website.