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Is Benecol good for you?


If you’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol, then you might already be doing some of the things that help to lower cholesterol levels, like cutting down on saturated fat, getting your 5-a-day or eating more fibre rich foods, like porridge oats.

Benecol foods and drinks with added plant stanols can help your hard work go even further and are simple to switch into your daily routine. But, perhaps best of all, they taste great and thanks to our unique plant stanols are a proven way to help bring your cholesterol levels down as part of an overall healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle, which includes your ‘5-a-day’, and keep it down with everyday use.

There are lots of Benecol products and flavours to choose from to get you the extra cholesterol lowering benefits you need every day, so making a change has never been easier. And as we know, it’s often the small changes, not the massive overhauls, which bring about the biggest changes. What Benecol product is considered best for you will depend on your individual needs, tastes and requirements. Check out our products page to see the current range of Benecol products.

 Benecol products have full nutrition information and ingredients lists on the packaging and tell you the exact amount of plant stanols per serving. All are suitable for vegetarian diets and the soya drinks are ideal for people who follow a vegan or dairy-free diet.