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The many benefits of exercise

We all know it’s ‘healthy’ to stay active. But there may be more benefits than you think. Read on to find out more.

What are the benefits of regular exercise?

Exercise is known for being one of the most important factors in maintaining a good quality of life, helping to maintain our overall health and wellbeing.1 But aside from this, there are specific benefits you may not always think about. It may help to consider these benefits too when considering your next opportunity to exercise.

  • Promotes sleep
    It can help you to fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep, improving your overall quality of sleep2
  • Improves your bone health
    Any exercise that applies force to bone, for example running, dancing and weight lifting, helps build and maintain bone density – this fights the bone loss that naturally occurs as we age3
  • Fortifies against colds and flu
    Those who exercise regularly have a stronger immune system so are less likely to come down with a cold or the flu4
  • Helps maintain a healthy heart
    Your heart is a muscle and like any muscle, if you work it harder, it’ll get stronger.
  • Helps manage cholesterol levels
    Regular exercise helps boost ‘good’ cholesterol while reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) – and can also lower blood pressure5
  • Helps you manage your weight
    Exercise helps you build muscle and increase your metabolism
  • Lifts your mood
    Exercise stimulates the release of feel-good hormones