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Benecol OAT – What we do for the planet

Responsibility is at the heart of Benecol OAT, with plant-based food being one step towards a more sustainable future.

Made of Finnish oats

The new Benecol OAT products are 100% plant-based and made in Finland from Finnish oats. All the oats we use are gluten-free and sourced directly from Finnish farmers with excellent traceability. The majority of the oats are sourced less than 150 kilometers from our mill. The oats are transported to our brand new factory in Raisio, a small town on the south-western coast of Finland, where all Benecol OAT products are manufactured.

Our new dedicated plant-based site in Raisio produces only oat-based products. All the products from this factory are vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free and nut-free.

Carbon neutrally produced

All Benecol OAT products are produced carbon-neutrally*. Our brand new factory is customized exclusively for the production of plant-based products and the production runs with carbon-neutral energy solutions. Our plant uses two main types of energy: electricity and production steam / heat. The heat and steam come from our own bioenergy plant, which uses a completely renewable energy source, wood chips.

*calculated according to GHG protocol scope 1 and 2.

What does carbon neutral mean for the Benecol OAT products?

Our production is carbon neutral as renewable energy is used as the energy source, i.e. the total load of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will not increase. Renewable energy in the form of wood chips is used for the production of steam and heat in our production facility. We procure electricity free of carbon dioxide, i.e. the production uses non-fossil fuels, and for example the wood has already sequestered carbon dioxide from the air during its growth.

Unique carton packaging

All Benecol OAT products are packaged in unique carton packaging made from primarily plant-based materials.

Benecol OAT Oat Shots

  • The Benecol OAT Oat Shot bottles are TetraPak® carton packages. The main raw material is wood, which is a renewable resource. As trees grow, they sequester carbon dioxide from the air and help reduce climate impact.
  • The carton bottles use thin layers of plastic to protect the content and ensure a good shelf life. The bottle is mainly made of paperboard, but its top and cap are made of plastic.
  • The board is sourced from responsibly managed and controlled forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) The FSC sets standards for the responsible management of the world’s forests

Raisio Group’s responsibility work and targets

Find out more about Raisio Group’s responsibility work and targets:

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